“We sit in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the middle and knows”    Robert Frost

My childhood was rife with fantasies of Superheroes and other “heroes” who were always portrayed in the violence of their heroic deeds. I have re-created these warriors into new "SuperMonks and Peace Heroes".
These days I find those who can be at peace in the world to be my new heroes. These “SuperMonks” have a peaceful message wrapped within the lighthearted image. 

Mythologies from around the world have captivated me since childhood. Superhero comics were there for me to engage my mind with some of the classic personal struggles that I found present in many classic myths. The experience of losing the Ego into something larger is the main theme in many hero myths as it is in much of philosophy. The sitting figure symbolizes this letting go for me.

I hope the meaning of my art is felt by those who look in the middle.

The Flowing World
(A Gorgeous Mess)


The 20th century artist Mark Rothko defined art’s purpose to ”distill all experiences down to their essential unity”.

I find this experience of unity or “wholeness” in the mostly natural world around me. I find the most joy in being outdoors. I notice the sunlit scenes of the landscape as they cascade down around me and I feel the flowing quality of life. I paint what I see through the tinted glasses of what I feel. I love to give viewers of my paintings the feeling of being there feeling the breeze or smelling the earth and water.

I internalize the world around me as I see it dissolve into light, color, and movement. I capture the vibrating atmospheres of places with my palette knives, brushes, and sometimes fingers. Joyful awareness of life’s flowing energies reflected in paint.

Exposure to natural phenomenon and the beauty of the landscape provide me with inspiration for my paintings.