Sandy Batarseh

Gallery Manager

They say that scientific minds have a creative side.

Working as a pharmacist for over twenty years, I never envisioned I would end up curating an art gallery. One might say that my love for art thrusted me to take over as gallery director. My travel around the world, appreciation for art, along with a "good eye" for design and color made this transition from the pharmacy world to this creative space easier. 

My criteria in choosing which art to display is not guided by what I would hang in my home. I choose art for every taste, price point and style.  My goal is to bring Sonoma County artists to the forefront whether it be a seasoned artist or a first time exhibiting artist who never had a show. 

On a personal level, I grew up in Sonoma County, love gardening and I have three teenage kids.

Kai'ja Flolo

Gallery Assistant

Social Media / Web Design

Kai'ja Flolo is the Junior Graphic Designer and Social Media Assistant for Fulton Crossing Gallery. She is a driven graphic artist and she enjoys using her skills to create inspiring and engaging work at Fulton Crossing.


She graduated from Mills College in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Psychology. While in school, she explored integrating art and design into her dream of having her own business and began creating cover art, cartoons, logos and other art.

Kai’ja is inspired by the world around her and uses her experiences as references in her artistic work. In her free time, Kai’ja designs and creates custom t-shirts and also creates logos and other graphic design work for clients.

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