Paula Strother

exhibiting February 1 - April 30, 2021

Our front room gallery is full of color thanks to studio artist Paula Strother, who is our featured artist until the end of April. 

Words from Paula herself:

Having more time on my hands, thanks to the pandemic, I have been painting more than usual in my studio. These latest pieces are my most colorful and I think reflect a growing promise of a brighter and more hopeful future.


These themes spring from random photos I have taken and observations of nature and images I am attracted to. They are all painted with acrylic, my choice of medium, because my tendency to work quickly and the fast-drying feature of the medium. I am fortunate to have the seclusion of my studio that I share with my husband, who also paints, upstairs at Fulton Crossing Gallery.

About the Artist:

Paula Strother obtained a degree from California State University in Art with an emphasis on Commercial Art and worked in the field of advertising as a graphic artist. She later obtained a MA in Art Therapy and worked and specialized in geriatric art. She then went for a secondary teaching credential in Art and taught Middle and High School students for 25 years.

After retiring, she began exploring her own expression, using acrylic and painting from photos taken of landscapes, figures, floral and food. And the places she traveled. She also enjoys working with a variety of materials to create 3d whimsical objects.


Showcase Gallery Artist

exhibiting Dec 1 - Feb 28, 2021

Teri's Artist Statement

My art has always been about telling a story. Whether I am looking out at the landscape around me as I set up my easel, or glancing inward on the visual narrative spinning in my mind, I am always telling myself a story. I have written and published many books using a carefully selected palette of words to give the right weight and depth, or levity to my story. Writing has taught me to paint pictures with words; painting has taught me to tell my stories with shapes and colors and composition.
Color is what pulls me to the studio each day, as well as the visceral feeling of different consistencies of sanded or textured board or papers. I love exploring the weight of colors, the edges where light meets dark, cool meets warm, blue meets orange to turn my flat grey board into the view from the land I stand or a narrative from my imagination that I can share others.
I have spent the last fifteen years exploring the different brands of pastels and how they work together. I am hooked on soft, rich, pastels because they are made with a minimum of binder, allowing for the purest pigments. I use a layering system, often creating an under-painting of a variety of pastel pigments blended together with alcohol or Turpenoid. and choose the brushes I use to blend with that give me the texture I want on the final surface. A worn, stumpy brush will give the texture of grass in the foreground,
or of woven textiles in clothing. A softer flat brush will blend smoothly for man-made surfaces and the lack of contrast and detail in distant vistas.
But it is color, always color, and the place where light meets the edge of another object that gives me the feeling I used to have as a child when something magical just happened. That magic for me is having the image I create match the image or emotion of the story of my mind and that I can share that with others.

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