3 x 3 abstractions

Donna McGinnis, Jill Keller Peters, Teresa Saluzzo

exhibiting November 5 - Jan 31, 2021

As soon as you enter our front room gallery, you will the walls adorned with large abstractions created by three of our studio artists. Abstract oil and acrylic paintings can reflect so many different emotions depending on who the viewer is. 

Donna McGinnis paints in the genre of landscape, yet "landscapes" is too simple a description for her paintings. Her work is modern in composition; the horizon determines the mood and narrative that will develop. With the swirling of brushwork and layering of glazes, she creates her signature style of softness and a painting that glows from within. 

Jill Keller Peters's knowledge and practice of color and light have matured from two areas of study. First, she explored light and its effect on film at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. "When I go into my studio to paint, I am mindful of the strength of the beauty, light, and color. Expressing these elements with oil paint ushers in a whole new world of depth and design," she says. "When I look to grace and beauty, and I am open and reach for that higher thought, the painting in progress becomes a talisman, a prayer. I am devoted to creating strong, rich, luminous oil paintings using color as my language. The result is a force of creativity and wholeness."

Teresa Saluzzo grew up in a family of artists and has been working in the art field since she was a child. She is a colorist who imbues her oil, acrylic, and pastel work with a palate based on her inner vision. Teresa believes that art is not a rarefied intellectual distillate, but an intensified brilliant life. "Although I don't stay in any one style, my inspiration comes from two sources," she says. "There's the turn-of-the-century California Impressionists; their bold color and immediacy with paint drew my attention and truly helped create my vision. And then there's living in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, the Northern California coast. I work towards painting the stories of the land." 

christine macdonald

Showcase Gallery Artist

exhibiting Sep 1 - Nov 30

Christine MacDonald studied Fine Art at the University of Sussex, on the south coast of England. She graduated with a B.A. Degree with Honors in Painting, and later received a Postgraduate Art Teaching Certificate.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the North Bay, and she has been a featured artist during various shows at Gumps of San Francisco. She is a long time juried member of Sonoma County Art Trails, and her work has been placed in collections throughout the United States and Europe. She maintains a studio in the town of Sonoma, which is open by appointment year round.

Christine's Artist Statement

I was born and raised on the Isle of Tiree, a small remote island off the west coast of Scotland. It was the kind of place that lends itself to daydreaming and imagining, surrounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean, with limitless horizons and wide expansive skies. Many of my paintings evolve from lingering childhood memories of that place and its unique atmosphere. Certain images appear consistently in my work - wild creatures and birds, often with a single human figure, boats and the sea - images which are both psychological and mythological, with layers of both personal and universal interpretations. They hint as well, towards notions of exile and homecoming, protection, tenderness, yearning and loss.

Now I live in the beautiful Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, and these months of lockdown and uncertainty, along with the recent wildfires, have made me even more aware of our relationship with the natural world. It might be that the lack of human companionship accentuates more than ever the value of of living here on the edge of the wild, and the sense of reverence for bird and beast, land and sea seems heightened, along with the gratitude and feelings of deep reverence that come when they cross my path or move into my field of vision. Glimpses from another world, animate or inanimate exchanges, separated by a chasm of otherness.

This is one aspect of the mystery of painting that brings me daily into my studio. Another is that the placing of colored pigments laid down on a flat surface can have the power to move us so deeply. Treading this pathway keeps me working, searching and yearning - it also fills me with hope, and wonder.

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