A word about my process: I approach the canvas with what Eastern thought refers to as “no mind.” For me, this means abandonment of the conventional Western structures used in creating a painting. I begin by applying my pigments and work the texture with various tools – brushes, rags and sticks. As I work, I stand back again and again until I reach a point where I have surrendered to the painting. When I recognize “this letting go,” I know the painting is close to completion.

A running theme throughout my work is the recognition of the separation and coming together of two universes – the spiritual and the physical. There is always present a striving for balance, connection and interrelationship between these two worlds in my art. I believe the images that present themselves in my work are messengers of this knowledge.

When my paintings are finished, they reflect the balance of the essential elements: earth, fire water and air. The union of these elements radiates from my core – thus I consider my work “Landscapes of the Heart.”

For me, it’s all about transformation. Whether creating art works on canvas, facilitating workshops or renovating houses.




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