Interview with Jeffrey Davis

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Jeffrey comes from a family of artist and engineers and earned his AAA Degree in commercial art. While in school, Jeffrey was awarded a gold medal from President Ronald Reagan for his advanced airbrush skills in the 1984 USA VICA Skill Olympics. He went on to earn a BA Degree from Kansas City Art Institute. In 1989, Jeffrey found himself in Hollywood and, working as a sought-after art director for the next 26 years, managed to create well over 2,000 movie posters, DVD/CD covers, album covers and a wide range of advertising solutions for major corporations in several different industries. 

“Working in Hollywood as an Art Director, I was close to a great many celebrities for over 26 years… this has had a significant impact on my art and an experience I will never forget.”

-Jeffrey Davis

Through necessity, Jeffrey became a photographer and began shooting celebrities and opened up a photography studio, offering advanced retouching to the stars. This led him to the photographing of food for major retailers and as a chef, create stunning plates for advertising campaigns of all kinds.

For as long as he can remember, he has successfully juggled careers as an artist, chef and photographer and is deeply in love with all three.

2020 holds promise to at least 3 new illustrative books i