Goat on the Rocks

Goat on the Rocks



17 X 8 X 8 inches

Artist: Laura Ames


Goat on the Rocks was inspired by our travels to Europe, pre-pandemic.


This ceramic goat climbed up for a view from the top. Look closely and you’ll find a path to a small door and a window on the opposite side of the mountain. This is meant to be the goat’s perspective from the top.


My husband and I took a trip to Lucerne, Switzerland, where we took the cog railway up Mount Pilatus. We followed a trail that was carved into the mountaintop with windows chiseled out of the mountain side. We walked through a door and came out through a cave- like room to exit on the other side of the mountain, like a short cut, lol.


On another vacation, my husband and I were hiking in the mountains above the Geiranger Fjord in Norway on his birthday. I watched an Alpine goat come down from a ridge to walk next to my husband on the trail. So cute and memorable.


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