The Power of Stillness

The Sonoma County Landscape in Pastel


I paint nature. Being present to nature’s healing influence is the guiding principle of my art and life. I want to reconnect people to the richness and beauty that abounds within and around us.


My intention is to invoke in the viewer a contemplative presence-freeing the self-contracted, grasping mind into wakefulness, spaciousness, and clarity that is ever present in the natural world (and us). Nature conveys immensity, power, great mystery, impermanence, and re-connection with our true spiritual nature.

I gather field references/photos and paint in the studio. Composition provides the structure of the image. I hold the initial inspiration/idea in my mind’s eye allowing flexibility for the painting to take on a life of its own. I welcome and savor the rich dialogue that arises between painting and artist.  Each painting is a leap into the unknown, a fresh start.  

The most important factor is the quality of light. Pastel, with its multiple layering techniques, is the ideal medium for capturing this. This atmospheric light suffuses and permeates the scene conveying feeling, emotion, mood, and mystery.


Tim’s artwork has garnered more than 80 awards in the past 15 years.

Tim’s artwork is in the permanent collections of both Sutter Health Cardiology, and Kaiser Permanente Psychiatry in Santa Rosa, Ca.



tim brody photo.png