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When finding art for that empty space on your wall or bookshelf means a quick trip to Pier 1 or your favorite online vendor, why bother getting something original? Well, it turns out investing in original art has many upsides. Here are a few:

  • Quality: Commercially produced artworks don't incorporate the finest materials. You're lucky to stumble upon a good canvas, frame, and backing, not to mention that inks and pigments used in mass-produced prints can look flat and dull. Commercial art is often not created using archival materials – sunlight, humidity, and other environmental stresses cause deterioration. By buying original art, you're investing in quality materials that look fantastic, have authentic texture, and will withstand the test of time.

  • Uniqueness: It's easy to enhance your living space with stock wall accents and copies of van Gogh's The Starry Night. However, your abode then suffers from “Hotel Syndrome” –pretty stuff scattered about, but nothing worth talking about. Uniqueness has its own inherent value, especially in a world where the makers of our “stuff” are remote or anonymous. Original artwork naturally grabs attention and sparks conversation among your guests. At Fulton Crossing, our resident artists are happy to explain their personal inspirations, whether it be recreating from memory old friends or searching for the perfect inner glow of a cloud.

  • Personal connection: “I just like it” is a perfectly good explanation for buying original art. Owning a piece that talks to you unlike any other artwork in the world is a source of enduring contentment – a landscape of the Italian coast that reminds you of traveling abroad, say, or a mixed-media collage using natural materials you've personally encountered roaming the hills and beaches of California.

  • Supporting a local community: It's nice to attach a real person to an item. So when you buy that item, whether it’s a piece of fine art, furniture, or a simple craft item, you are affirming the work of that artist. For communities to prosper they need all kinds of artists, and artists need the support of communities. This is nowhere more important than Northern California, where many artists lost their lives' works in the devastating 2017 wildfires and are struggling to rebuild. At Fulton Crossing, 100 percent of the tenants that create art are from Sonoma County.

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