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To provide workshop space for local artists and crafters in an inspiring environment embraced by collaboration and camaraderie among the tenants. 


Fulton Crossing Artisan Center is a place that is truly like no other. With 16 artist studios, 8 workshops and two warehouses, including artists and makers working away in paint, fabric, glass, leather, ceramic, wood, flowers, jewelry and large warehouse with mid-century furniture — unique pieces that are handpicked by Janakos and Company. 

Our History 

Fulton Crossing's building dates to the 1800s when it originally served as a fruit and vegetable packing plant. Throughout the years the building took on many roles, including a winery, turkey slaughterhouse, housing for circus animals, farmer’s market, and chicken-processing plant.

When the chicken factory closed its doors and abandoned the property in 2010, the building fell into disarray. Metal scavengers stripped it and wreaked havoc on its electrical integrity. Eventually, the property became a popular dumping site and an eyesore among the beautiful landscapes of the neighboring vineyards and wineries. Throughout years of deterioration, it was hard to imagine this simple warehouse could be anything more than a junkyard. 

But not all was lost. In 2010, a vision to restore the building's unique history and charm was born. Through intensive labor that spanned the course of several years, the warehouse was transformed into an artisan center space where artists of Sonoma County could showcase their work. Now, Fulton Crossing is proud of its journey and what it has become. Rooms that were once used for destruction are now used as workshops for the creation of one-of-a-kind art.

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