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StudioScavo - Studio E

Assemblage, Architectural Photography, and Graphic Art

Steve’s journey has taken him from the heartland of Ohio, to serving in the Peace Corps in Yemen, through the desert of Black Rock City, and finally to the serene redwoods of Guerneville, California in West Sonoma County. As a recently retired federal architect, Steve has shifted away from his once highly regulated world to that of the free, liberated landscape of design and art.

Inspired by Cubist Assemblage and Bauhaus graphic principles, Steve crafts three-dimensional collages from everyday items and his own photographs, layering them to create thoughtful compositions.

A unique aspect of Steve's work lies in his incorporation of braille, abstracted into visual patterns that conceal hidden messages within each piece. This symbolic use of braille adds depth to his artwork, infusing it with layers of meaning while also introducing an element of “organized randomness.”

Through his art, Steve invites viewers to explore the interplay of monochromatic geometric shapes, offering new perspectives with each viewing.


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