Lida Rebik

Returning to my Dream for Art and Painting


With a love of art for painting and the art of glass since childhood, Lida Rebik had focused in the past on designing and creating cutting crystals in various art forms and designing beautiful crystal glass vases. As a young married woman with two small children, Lida left with her family a communist system in Czechoslovakia, Europe. She came to the country, the United States of America, where she could continue with her dream and passion for art. To support her family, Lida worked in her business profession. Still, she never forgot her love for art and dedicated her free time to taking art classes at Orange Coast College, California (OCC), where she received an Illustration Degree (Degree in Art). Living first in Southern California, Lida continued her passion for oil painting art. After moving to Nothern, California, to be close to her daughter's family, she didn't leave her dream about showing her work in a gallery. The dream became true, and Lida Rebik is a Studio Artist at Fulton X Art Gallery.