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Michèle Misino de Luca

I listened to a radio interview of an author/college art professor. Her 4-year old daughter asked her:


---Mommy, what do you do when you go to work?

---I teach grown ups how to do art, she responded,

---You mean they forgot?


Everyone, yes, I do mean everyone, has a natural artist within. As we grow into adulthood, the voice of our inner critic can often eclipse our inner creative voice. My job as the artist — and I believe the job of every artist in every medium — is to silence the critic and become a witness to the inner creative process as it naturally expresses itself.


I was born on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village in New York City. Art was all around me. It was a fundamental function of the community. My parents were opera-addicted and making art was always encouraged. Drawn to all forms of art, I learned to sing jazz, wrote a memoir and have begun writing my second book. Now, thanks to Rami and Sandy at Fulton Crossing, I have a Studio and a Gallery to home my favorite creative endeavor, painting. Having a studio means I can continue to be the conduit of colors and shapes that characterize most of my paintings, and allow my expression to rekindle and reshape. I also have a Gallery where I can host art lovers and share my work. It is an honor to be part of this community. Come see my Studio/Gallery - Studio J   (by appointment only)


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