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Aimee Tomczak, LMFT

From an early age I located myself through the act of creativity which was a lifesaver growing up in a tumultuous family. My imagination provided safe haven even though depression, shame and shutting down my voice overcame me many times throughout my life. My creative spark brought me back to myself. For over 20 years I didn’t pick up the paintbrush. I was serving others as a psychotherapist but denying my own creative spark. In my early 50’s after feeling exhausted from caregiving my dear elderly mother with dementia for many years, I had a soul reckoning. Everything in my life was falling apart, and I knew something had to change. My inner knowing said I must reconnect with my creativity. I began to study Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and it rekindled my creative passion, allowing my authentic self expression to emerge. 


I believe that feeling alive and vibrant is our birthright. I have now reclaimed myself as an Artist. My work has been shown at Graton Gallery, Colors of Humanity online shows, and Musea Institute and now I am thrilled to have a gallery space at Fulton Crossing. 


I am also a psychotherapist and Intentional Creativity painting teacher and coach for groups and individuals. I have worked for many years using expressive arts with people in hospitals, clinics and hospice settings. I love to guide people to rediscover their creative spark, inner knowing and freedom through an embodied painting and writing process. 

I am so grateful to be showing my Artwork and offering transformational painting workshops to the public here at Fulton Crossing. I love to support others in re-discovering their self expression, inner knowing, creative power and joy. 

I am inspired by the divine feminine, the aliveness and creative spark and of earth and cosmos. My work springs from being a dancer and musician with intersecting layers. Divine images come from mystical guidance and inner knowing that moves through me. My intention is to express aliveness, mystery, hope, depth and soulfulness. To inspire and remind us that we are all a part of this mystical tapestry, that we are connected and we belong. - Aimee Tomczak, M.A LMFT



IG: aimee_tomczak_art




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