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Suzanne Jacquot

OPENING ARTIST RECEPTION: Saturday, Sept 30th 2-5pm

Dialogue with Nature by Suzanne Jacquot Exhibit 9.1.23 - 11.30.23


I am a native California artist, who creates abstract paintings inspired by nature. My paintings depict feelings, moods, and energy I experience while exploring the diverse terrains in Sonoma County.


I am influenced by nature’s inherent cycles of birth, growth, dying and decay where I find beauty in the forms and palettes that mutate throughout the year. In response, my paintings are multilayered fields of color, shapes and gestural marks.


While walking in Nature, I am touched by the vulnerability, resilience, preservation and change of all of life and the underlying deeper truth of a constant stream of energy which never changes and which unifies everything.


My paintings explore connection, relationship and belonging.
In a world where individual desires are primary, often self-serving and without contemplative thought, I want my paintings to help the viewer pause, reflect on our interdependence, and create a deep gratitude and love for the world and being alive.



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