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OPENING RECEPTION Saturday March 16 1pm-4pm


I'm inspired by the natural world, working in themes that suggest transformation. I often work between abstract expressionism in painting and investigating the exquisiteness of form through clay.  Vessels, wings, pods, vertebrae, chrysalis and flowers in bloom often repeat throughout my work. My creative process takes the spark of an idea or a desire to explore an emotional state into a physical representation.  Often, I'll start without knowing the outcome of a piece and stick with it until something in work begins to set the direction. I use layering, scrapping, incising, drawing, molding and whatever else comes to mind, to bring out the reflection of an internal landscape.


Infinite curiosity and a desire for self-expression are the driving forces behind my creative pursuits.  It also makes nailing down a description of my work a constraint I resist. I am fascinated by materials and the way our bodies pre-cognitively respond to their inherent qualities. They can speak to the subconscious in subtle, yet distinct ways, allowing the stimulation of our senses to inform perception and make up meaning. My hope is to create an invitation to linger under the spell of the material and permit your own imagination to create meaning.


I graduated with a BFA in 1989 under the influences of conceptual art and installation from the San Francisco Art Institute. Over the past 40 years, I've studied numerous forms of art making and have worked as an Art Educator for students of all ages.

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