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Jill's knowledge and practice of color and light have matured from two areas of study. First, she explored light and its effect on film at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. She also studied with master colorist Susan Sarback, from whom she learned the effect of light and color when translated into oil painting. Her work has received recognition locally and nationally and she has exhibited at Galerie Judith Engelstad in Sausalito as well as in San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver. 

"When I go into my studio to paint, I am mindful of the strength of the beauty, light, and color. Expressing these elements with oil paint ushers in a whole new world of depth and design," she says. "When I look to grace and beauty, and I am open and reach for that higher thought, the painting in progress becomes a talisman, a prayer. I am devoted to creating strong, rich, luminous oil paintings using color as my language. The result is a force of creativity and wholeness."           

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