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Bloom with a View

Bloom with a View


(Triptych) Acrylic on canvas

left: 36x24 inches, middle: 36x48 inches, right: 36x24 inches

Artist: Lucy Liew


This painting was inspired by a hike at Jenner Headlands Preserve in early spring 2020.  The lush green grasses still showed a touch of amber from the previous season’s dried growth. As we ascended the Sea to Sky Trail, we were presented with a stunning panorama of California poppies and Douglas iris with the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean stretching to the horizon. 


We are fortunate to have this amazing “bloom with a view” along the Sonoma Coast. According to Brook Edwards, resident manager of the Jenner preserve: “This is about as close as we have today to a unique ecosystem that’s been more than 90 percent lost—the coastal prairie.” 

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