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Round Barn, Last Summer (Original RB Fence Frame)

Round Barn, Last Summer (Original RB Fence Frame)


Perched peacefully for over a century, I happened to be photographing the iconic Barn just a few months before it perished. These paintings are created from those 2017 photos. 


I really wanted to honor the Round Barn by depicting it with the reality and charm I remembered from my childhood.  A sunset behind it wouldn't work because in reality the sun sets in the oppposite direction.  I decided to set the mood as a pleasant afternoon.  Leaving out the modern office buildings that encroached over the years, I painted puffy clouds in the afternoon sky with wild poppies and butterflies in the field.


In 2020 while revisiting the site, I literally stumbled upon surviving sections of the Barns original fence buried in the high grass.  I was suddenly inspired to salvage it.  There is inherent beauty in it; weathered, knotted or scorched here and there. Not unlike the worn beauty of a person's face or hands as they age.  I decided to have the salvaged wood transformed into rustic frames for the paintings. They turned out more amazing than I had imagined and really become part of the art."


Available while materials last!   

Custom milled by Dostal Studio Framing. 

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